Anti aging Facials * Acne Treatment *Hyperpigmentation  Electrolysis* Vascular Treatment
Collagen Enhancement


Alum Facial       $170

Radio Frequency Facial $160

Oxygen Facial $150

Herbal Peel +LED Lightwave Therapy $145


Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Anti Aging$135

Glycolic Retexturizing Facial $95

Seaweed & Collagen Facial $80

European Facial- $70

Natural Enzyme Peel. (Add on) $55

Firming Eye Contour $50

                 Electrolysis ,Galvanic ,Micro current                                     LED Lightwave Therapy                       8 min  $ 25 10  min $30
15 min $35 20 min $50
45 min $100 30 min $70
60 min $140


Nano current ,Radio Frequency

30 Min $70

60 Min $140


Detoxifying Anti-Acne Facial
(For Acne Prone & Breakout Skin)
Hibiscus flower peel purifies and regulates oil- production. Oxygen Plasma Potion .
treatment eliminates acne-causing bacteria, accelerate healing and regenerate healthy cells. Therapeutic,
effective and detoxifying, a new healthy complexion will emerge. A crushed soft masque is used to calm
oil glands and purify the skin.

Galvanic Facial
(For Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone)
This ultra galvanic treatment & microcurrent is enhanced by the application of our botanical skin clarifying product,
Galvanic. Fades hyper-pigmentation, sunspots, liver spots, and chloasma/melasma (pregnancy
mask). A crushed soft masque reveals a dewy, supple glow.

Anti-Gravity Face Lift Facial
(For Sagging & Drooping Skin)
Micro-Currents instantly tones, lifts, firms and re-educates sagging muscles, returning them to their
youthful form. This treatment is highly recommended for anybody who prefers a non-evasive, nonsurgical,
and safe alternative to plastic surgery.