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Our philosophy

Welcome to Pure Skin by soleri, a nutrition-based skin clinic specializing in acne, rosacea, pigmented, and general skin health.
Pure Skin  is the private practice of clinical esthetician and educator Soleri? who takes a holistic approach to skin care by combining corrective facial treatments plus diet/lifestyle consultations to promote healthy skin from within. She uses only high-performing, clinical and naturally-derived products because she believes real results come from working with your skin, not against it. Visit Pure skin and fall in love with your skin again!



To really rejuvenate skin we need to address what lies beneath. Microcurrent specifically targets and treats the musculature of the face and neck.   

Microcurrent uses a tiny (one millionth of an amp) electrical current to stimulate muscles. Using two probes the muscles are gently massaged at the insertion and origin points. Using these probes and proper technique, our  esthetician will 're educate' the musculature. Overworked, tightened muscles  This results in softened fine lines, a lifted face and neck with restored youthful contours. Eyes are lifted, cheeks are plumped.

Bio-stimulate.Microcurrent that is used stimulates many beneficial and restorative cellular functions. Membrane transport increases allowing cells to take in nutrients and discard waste. With abundant energy and nutrients skin cells now launch processes to repair, rejuvenate and renew.  Collagen synthesis is stimulated to plump and firm the skin. New Elastin is synthesized restoring youthful texture and suppleness.


Immediately after Microcurrent, expect to see fine lines smoothed, folds softened, a lifted brow, fuller cheek and a more even tone to the complexion. There is absolutely no downtime with this procedure. You can easily resume your normal routine. A series of at least six treatments completed within a three week period will provide long lasting results. Monthly maintenance is recommended thereafter.


Radio Frequency 


stands for ‘radio frequency’, this treatment is ideal for clients who want tighter facial skin. During this procedure, targeted radio frequencies are used to heat beneath the skin, breaking down depleted collagen and creating a firmer, more youthful look. The radio frequency treatment will tighten the skin and reduce the signs of ageing.



Facial is so much more than a relaxing experience. We use proven products, techniques and tools to transform your skin and restore your youthful skin.


Light energy

​Light energy produces a natural, photo biochemical reaction at the cellular level to heal and renew living tissue. Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production while increasing circulation and cellular energy. Blue light kills acne causing bacteria. With regular sessions fine lines, elasticity and acne breakouts are all improved. Just what you need to feel refreshed and get your glow on! Gentle exfoliation, customized treatment mask and hydration leave your skin polished, rejuvenated and brightened.  


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